Beyond Remittance

Receive salaries, send money home, pay bills, buy groceries from your local store, access metro tickets, purchase bus tickets and transfer money to family and friends. Everything in a single app, cwallet at your fingertips.

cwallet’s business ecosystem


  • Labour Law Compliant Payroll System
  • Increase efficiency while reducing operation cost
  • Provide transparency to Stakeholders
  • Improve service to employee
  • Promote cashless society for smart cities


  • cwallet mobile account
  • Financial inclusion
  • Access to eCommerce and bills payment
  • Mobile App in native language
  • Earn points and rewards


  • Generate​ ​more business
  • Get paid fast
  • Easy sales tracking
  • Regular auto bank withdrawals
  • Lower fees than card payments

Easily load money into cwallet

  • Salary through WPS
  • Bank, Credit Card, Debit Card
  • Get paid by friends and peers
  • Money vouchers from Partners

Beyond Digital Wallet

  • Send money ​using traditional​ Money Operators like​ Western Union,MoneyGram, Express Money
  • Pay friends and family
  • Withdraw to bank accounts
  • Withdraw from cwallet partners
  • Recharges and manage Bill payments
  • Top up Vodafone and Ooredoo mobile credits

How it works

cwallet for financial inclusion


Username and password

Load Money

Salaries and through Credit/Debitd


Use cwallet money for all your purchases


To digitally empower and enable individuals in the region by giving solutions to low-income and unbanked migrant workers, domestic helpers and blue collar workers allowing them to access financial services that are currently unavailable to them.


To become a premier FINTECH influencer creating loyal fans in MENA and ASIAN region by providing services beyond digital wallets, remittance and payment solution in building a cashless society for all sectors including the bottom of the pyramid but not limited to unstable societies, unjust governments and even refugee camps in order to create jobs and micro entrepreneurs within the business ecosystem.